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  • Product name: GL-200 Mini Camera-obscura UV System
  • Product number: GL-200

The UV analyzer series are widely applicable in such fields as genetic engineering,molecular biology,
micrology,pasturage and veterinary medicine,hygiene and disease control,drugs,food,weaving,oil,cultural
relics,and public security to observe and screen the strips of DNA and RNA and test protein and nucleotide.
In the production and research of pharmaceuticals,it may be used to check hormone alkaloid and vitamin,
which is critical to fluorescence drug quality,Moreover,it is adapted for the test of folium analysis and paper
base analysis flecks.The instrument has a variety of portable,three-use, desktop,compact and camera
products,being optimum research instrument for scientific test.


 Power:                                     220V
 Wavelength:                                  312nm
 UV capacity:                                   48W
 White light capacity:                               24W
 Lighting capacity:                                40W
 Overall dimensions:                         420×320×500mm

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